“Faster, higher, stronger”

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“Faster, higher, stronger”
These words spoken at the first modern Olympics by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, have served as inspiration for many athletes, looking for improvement, work and perseverance, the way to get new appointments.

This same spirit is what moves Stifeld Blades, to give every day a more demanding response to athletes who give us their confidence and nourish us with new challenges.

To help project these challenges Stifeld Blades, today presents its new brand image, more in keeping with the modern and professional spirit that we offer our athletes, this interest in service and collaboration does not stop at a change of image, but begins with she.

Stifeld Blades, wants to be closer to its skaters, providing everything they need to make that leap in quality that marks the differences, we want to provide the brand with a direct dialogue with our client where we can grow together, for that within the renewed web Stifeld Blades, presents a blog where we will discuss those topics that can help you feel accompanied in this path so rich and difficult at the same time.

Of course, on this website you can see the new products that our engineers are developing to achieve the phrase that leads this article, “faster, higher, stronger”.